PROCON seeks the best and the brightest to join us in designing and building exceptional projects as if they were our own. We work hard to attract and retain valued employees who inspire innovative ideas that improve the communities where we work and live. Join our team and find out why we were voted one of New Hampshire’s best companies to work for.


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Our Culture

PROCON is an innovative, integrated and collaborative company. As a third generation family owned business, we treat all of our employees as if they were part of our family. We encourage our employees to expand their horizons, and continually learn and grow while fostering a team environment. We celebrate the victories of our employees and the company. We look for employees who are driven and are able to grow with us as we evolve in diversity and more complex projects.

We believe as a company that we should work hard and play hard, but also give back to the community. PROCON is involved in many community service projects including: Toys for Tots, NH Food Bank, United Way, Easter Seals, American Heart Association Walk, and Plan NH Scholarship and Fellowship Program. It is our mission that as we grow as a company that we share our time, talent and treasure with our community!

What Our Employees Are Saying

“My name is Kent Beirne, AIA and I’m a Vice President within the architectural department for PROCON. For me, Life at PROCON started in the spring of 2006. Since then, I’ve been blessed to work with an amazing group of talented people, both in and out of the architectural department. These people truly care about providing the best possible service to our clients, which is the reason for so much repeat business for PROCON. In addition to the great staff here at PROCON, the design projects that I have been involved with are exciting, fresh, challenging, and fun. PROCON is devoted to employees and their families. They are always providing fun things to do throughout the year which makes Life at PROCON exciting and fun. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Kent - Vice President, Architecture & Engineering

“The past 4 years working with PROCON has been both rewarding and exciting. The professionalism, integrity and talent of the employees at PROCON is truly amazing. The challenges that come with working for a design build company are minimized by the collaboration and support from the Architects, Estimating team and Accounting department. Everyone cares, not just about the projects they are working on, but for the people within the company as well. It is a wonderful feeling to enjoy the work you do and the people you work with. It has been a great experience, and I look forward to growing with this “one of a kind” company.”

Lynn - Project Executive

“As I am about to enter my 22nd year at PROCON, I often think about how lucky I am to be working for a company that cares so much for its employees and their families. Even as our company grows, there is still a feeling of a family atmosphere. I am so grateful to be a part of a company that is concerned for its employees as much as PROCON is.”

Linda - Project Accounting Manager

“Working at PROCON has provided a great foundation for my career. The employees here are welcoming and very approachable, even at the executive level. It really makes for a great family atmosphere with positive energy. Coming into a workplace every day with so many team members with such a positive attitude really brightens up the working environment.”

Joel - Project Estimator

“Working at PROCON over the past 13 years has been rewarding because I am working with great people and on diverse projects throughout the Northeast. PROCON offers flexibility and they take care of their employees; when the company profits the employees reap the benefits not just the Owners. I have an excellent working relationship with my superiors and truly enjoy working with them which keeps me coming back energized and ready to hit the ground running.”

Amanda - Carpenter

“I believe PROCON is a very unique place to work. This year marks 30 years with our firm. You may think 30 years at one company is very unusual but it isn't for PROCON. The company is now led by our third generation Leader with the fourth now in the operation. PROCON is a very family oriented place to work and not just a large design and construction firm. We work hard to have great working relationships with our clients. We take pride in being a single source entity for design and construction. PROCON is a positive place to come to work every day. We are all pushing in the same direction for our customers and the benefit of the company. ”

Dan Messier - Senior Vice President, Project Executive

“The people at PROCON make it the best place to work! In construction the work is relatively the same but PROCON has hired the best and the leadership team takes care of the employees. There is an excellent work/life balance, even in the field.”

Josh - Superintendent

“What I enjoy the most about PROCON is sense of community here. If you meet someone in the hall, or run into a fellow employee in the cafeteria, they will all greet you with a smile, say hello, and ask how things are going. It makes work so much more enjoyable when you know there are good people working right beside you.”

Doran - IT Specialist

Job Openings


Want to join us, but don’t see a job that’s right for you? Join our Talent Community to be considered for a future opening.